"Despite the slickness of the clay and the WR revving its way to the moon, the rear wheel kept driving the bike wherever it was pointed - no matter how steep, tight or rutted it got."
- Dirt Rider Downunder Magazine

"The level of traction is impressive, even in the most adverse conditions, with both ends giving great feedback to the rider"
- ADB Magazine

"The tyres excelled on the tight trails where a bike needs to change direction quickly."
- Dirt Rider Downunder Magazine

"Tractionator Enduro S/T fast becoming a staple choice of trail/enduro riders looking for a high performance tyre with good wear characteristics"
- Trailzone

Excellent feel and grip on most surfaces
Great Value for Money
- ADB Magazine

"Motoz gained a name as tyres that were as tough as teak and lasted ages, even when punished on hard ground conditions"
"gave the new Motoz tyres a solid two thumbs up of performance and price"

"They're a brand new tyre that offer an incredible amount of grip and feel"
"these tyres certainly hit the mark"
ADB Magazine

"we've been running the Terrapactor S/T 120/90-18 with impressive results"
"we've found it offers impressive hook up drive and grip in the bush especially in soft wet ground conditions"
"it has a reversible tread design that delivers maximum mileage"

"Traction was fantastic - superior traction, excellent feedback"
Eastern Dirt Magazine with Tubliss

"Even more so than with the grip and the feeling of the tyres, we were surprised by the durability of the tyre".
OffRoad Pro Finland



I'll be back... - DRD magazine review of the Tractionator S/T

Hookin Up - 1st Test of the Tractionator Enduro S/T

  EDM USA Motoz with TUbliss System

 Dirt Bike USA Product Evaluation


  ADB Interview at Sunny Corner
    EDM USA Product Evaluation

ADB Rates new Tracula 10 out of 10 (ADB Feb 2009 page 151)

"these new hoops retain the durability but now possess excellent traction and feel in the wet".

Eastern Dirt USA rates Motoz 4.5 out of 5

"We think you will be pleasantly surprised by how well they perform and how long they last, we are"


"Tractionator Desert H/T is without doubt a tough tyre"

Trail Zone does 2600kms through the rock infested Flinders Ranges.

ADB - Interview_Sunny Corner

Dirt Rider USA rates XCircuit 83/100

"For sure they wear as long, if not longer than any tires I've tried"

KTM Trail Tours Experience

 "boy did that tyre pick up and shoot me off the starts - we get 1600kms on one (Snowy Mountains) tour"

"The back tyre was a pleasure and really hooked up well - better than the stock tyre we took off the Yamaha"

Eat My Dirt - Motoz Tyre Review Dec 07 

"This tyre works that well that at first it's a little disconcerting; such is the nature of the superglue like grip"


TRAILZONE Magazine #15

Safari - How to not DNF when your mousse blows. Issue #15, Page 18


ADB Magazine

TECH - Understanding Tyres
 Issue #334, Page 135



WR250F Project bike & Muzza McLerie's Safari Bike
Issue #14, Pages 75 &77




ADB Magazine -Product Evaluation

Issue 335, Page 165


Trailzone Magazine 'Tyre Wars' article

Issue 12, Page 76


We believe Motoz tyres are the best available. Why?

Better Rubber Quality.

We use the natural substance of traction - natural rubber.

Innovative Tread Designs

Our trademark “Terrapactor” principle works with the terrain by compacting and wedging it to help increase traction rather than just throwing it behind the bike.